Outsourced Claims Administration

PACE Process Cycle 

PACE blends individuals with deep expertise in the management of mass tort claims, insurance/reinsurance, information management, project management and systems/technology. This integrated team provides a comprehensive suite of outsourced claim services to support mass tort litigation matters, including:

  • Comprehensive management reporting
  • New claim processing
  • Claims reporting and analysis
  • Storage of critical documents
  • Resolution processing
  • Automated release processing
  • Claim and counsel invoice payments
  • Cost allocation, aggregate limit tracking and invoice creation/distribution
  • Detailed reinsurance claim presentations
  • Systems development and maintenance

At the core of our data and process services is the proactive development of complete and accurate claims data to enable our clients to optimally manage the claims. For the majority of matters this includes creating unique injured party records at the time of inception, typically triggered by receipt of a complaint or direct claims submission. This detailed claimant-level data enables:

  • Efficient and cost effective allocation of work tasks among clients and their outside counsel
  • Early identification of claims that will be dismissed with no payment
  • Early identification of fraudulent, duplicate or other suspicious claims
  • Active management of pending claim population
  • Enhanced inward claims handling
  • Enhanced management reporting

PACEweb®, a state-of-the-art web-based claims management system designed to track key information on mass tort claims from the time of submission through to resolution, is a central component of our outsourced service. It was designed with a sophisticated queue management system for the prioritization of processing tasks.  PACEweb® is a flexible and customizable tool that uses MS.net technology with an Oracle database enhanced with the latest artificial intelligence technology.