Insurance Coverage Administration

An important issue for both defendant companies and insurers involved in mass tort litigation is the allocation of defense and indemnity costs to insurance coverage. For insurers this need extends even further into any available ceded reinsurance. We have prepared insurance and reinsurance coverage analyses for asbestos claims and other significant product liability matters including pollution, breast implants, tainted blood, hearing loss, and repetitive stress. In our work we:

  • Collect all relevant underlying policy documentation, review, extract necessary information, and create a policy database
  • Create graphic coverage charts depicting key policy and contract provisions using our proprietary automated coverage charting tool
  • Collect all relevant underlying claim documentation, review, extract necessary information, and create a claims database
  • Model allocation scenarios using our proprietary insurance claim allocation system
  • Assess the impact of various allocation theories including date of loss, occurrence, allocation method, exhaustion method and policy exclusions/provisions
  • Support clients / counsel in settlement negotiations and litigation
  • Provide testimony
  • Prepare cash flow analyses and projections
  • Model potential insurance coverage settlement agreements
  • Administer claim allocations for coverage in place agreements
  • Perform settled claim allocations and tracking of aggregate limits
  • Historical data reconciliation and conversions